diumenge, 4 de desembre de 2011

2nd F/2nd E mon 5th Dec/WEd. 7th Dec.

Correcting your notebook I have observed that you haven't done some of the activities you had to do during the split lessons, so today you have to check the part of your notebook where you have the computer work and complete the missing activities. The LISTENINGS TOO. I'll give you the links of the sessions in order and you must click on them to complete your notebook. This is the last opportunity to do it.

 1. 1st session on the blog. Click here
 2. 2nd session : click here
 3. 3rd session. Click here
4. 4th session. Click here
5. 5th session. Click here
6. 6th sesson. Click here
7. 7th session. Click here
8. 8th sesson. Click here.
9. 9th session. Click here
10. 10th session. Click here

You can also finish your projects on music. This is the last day to do it.
If any person has finished everything, click here and do the activities.
Some more activities to do. Click here.

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