divendres, 23 de setembre de 2011

2nd E Mon 26th Sept./ 2nd F Wed. 28th Sept 2011

First of all, you have to finish the exercises you didn't do last week. Click here.

Now, do this listening. Use your headphones.Click here. (descriptions)
Next, do these grammar activities and follow the instructions given:

  • 1 (There is/there are. Do the practice exercise clicking on NEXT in the web page given.Write in your notebook four of the sentences and translate them)
  • 2 (have got. Read the examples and then do the exercise on-line. Write your result)
  • 3 ( do the exercises of the verb - to be and the exercise of the verb -have got. Do the translation exercise in your notebook.)
Vocabulary now. Do these vocabulary activities now.
  • 1 (parts of the body)
  • 2 (read this text and write in your notebook the English words for these Catalan words:
llitera, llit doble, manta, coixí, edredó, llençols,cómoda, tauleta de nit, armari, penjador per roba, mirall, despertador, lampareta.
       3 (Why don't you dress up one celebrity now? Good exercise to remember vocabulary referred to physical appearance and parts of the body). Enjoy the activity.

A song to finish:
  • 1 (listen to the song ' wake me up when September ends' and fill in the gaps. Use the beginner level)

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