dimecres, 28 de setembre de 2011

2n Batx. A Monday 3rd October 2011

Hi, class! First of all, you should finish the activities you didn't do last day. Click here.
Next, do these activities to check different contents. Write down in your notebook new words, new expressions, examples ...:
  • 1 (present perfect simple and continuous)
  • 2 (simple past, past perfect and present perfect)
  • 3 (present perfect, present perfect continuous, past perfect, past perfect continuous)
  • 4 (simple present, present continuous, simple future, future continuous)
  • 1 (donate rice with your right answers to this test)
  • 2 (confused pairs of words)
  • 3 (expressions and connectors for narrative texts. Read it and write in your notebook some of the examples for you to use them in your narrative writings)
  • 4 (stative and dynamic verbs. Pay attention and do the exercise)
  • 5 (phrasal verbs, easy exercise)
  • 1 (time expressions. How many did you guess?)
  • 2 (synonyms game)
  • 3 (reading comprehension: a hundred billion hamburgers)
That's all for today. See you.

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