dissabte, 17 de setembre de 2011

2nd F Mon 19th Sept/2nd E Wed. 21st Sept 2011

First of all, welcome to a new course. I hope you learn a lot and have good results in your exams. If you work regularly I'm sure you'll pass your English with no problems. Ask me for your doubts and get ready to start.
Once you have listened to the rules you have to follow, let's check your English on-line now.
Let's start checking grammar. Try to do these activities.
  • Exercises on grammar: 1 ( do exercise 3- to do /to be and copy in your notebook five questions of each. ), 2 ( an easy exercise with the verb -to be. Copy two sentences of each part and translate them into Catalan or Spanish), 3 (to be or have got?. Copy one of each and translate them)

  • Vocabulary: 1 ( memory game), 2 (the days of the week to check again), 3 (asking questions in class. Copy them in your notebook and from now, use these questions when yo ask your teacher)

That's all for today. Next day take your headphones with you. You'll need them. See you.

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