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2nd Bachiller A. Monday 16th January 2012

First of all, I want you to finish the activities you were doing last week.
Next, you are going to do a listening practice with this video. Click here
LISTEN and answer these questions in your notebook. Then, show it to the teacher to check it.
Questions:  1) What can customers do in Vienna's Coffee  Houses?
                   2) What's the first name of the owner of Vienna's Café Weimar?
                   3) a) What is a melange?  b) How is it served?  c) How much does it cost?  d) What can you eat in the Café?
                   4) Describe the Café shown in the video.
                   5) How long can you stay in the Café if you only order something to drink or eat once?

Now, work on this vocabulary activities related to SHOPPING
  • 1 (reading on shopping)
  • 2 (matching exercise on shopping and shops)
  • 3 (matching exercise on shopping and shops)
  • 4 ( a quiz on vocabulary)
  • 5 ( 2nd quiz on vocabulary)
  • 1 ( Check the passive with these exercises. Check the theory too)

That's all for today.
This last link can be very useful for you. Print these notes if you want. They can be used for your compositions or when you study for the exams. Click here. (blog session 2010. Click on writing- 1-tips for the composition)

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