dissabte, 28 de gener de 2012

2nd Bachiller A, Monday 30th January 2011

Today you can follow working with the content of previous sessions and, if you want, do some specific exercises on relative pronouns and relative clauses:

  • 1 (relative pronouns, necessary or not?)
  • 2 (relatives and other contents to work on. Ingles for Bachillerato)
  • 3 (relatives , order of the prepositions in the verbs + preposition in relative clauses)
  • 4 (complete with the suitable relative pronouns)
  • 5 (join the two sentences with a relative pronoun)
Other contents to check for the grammar exam.
  • 1 (rewriting sentences with passives, conditional tenses, modals, relatives..., TO DO IN YOUR NOTEBOOK: OPTIONAL)
  • 2 Rewriting.( DO EXERCISE 4)
  • 3 Determiners (DO PRACTICE  2)
  • 4 (Essay agreement: subject- verbal tenses agreement. Do the practice)

That's all for today. See you next week.

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