dilluns, 7 de març de 2011

2nd Bachiller C, Monday 7th March

Let's check some contents today.
Click here ( tips for PAU exam. Read them carefully and take notes)

Click here now ( remembering - used to, be used to, get used to).

Other grammar exercises: 1 ( many exercises to choose: verbal tenses, reported speech, modal verbs...).

Vocabulary now: 1 ( vocabulary quiz), 2 ( a crossword), 3 ( confusing words), 4 ( prepositional phrases quiz), 5 ( phrasal verbs and their meanings).

One optional text for you to do at home if you want to practise. It is not exactly as the ones in Majorca but it is useful for you to do. Click here if you want to do it.

That's all for today. See you!

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