diumenge, 27 de febrer de 2011

3rd G Wedn. 9th March/ 3rd F Thursday 10th March 2011

Let's work with unit 5 contents today.

Start with vocabulary. Click on the numbers to do the activities: 1 ( copy ten of these adjectives in your notebook together with their opposites and translate them), 2 ( c opy these negative adjectives and translate them too), 3

Comparatives and superlatives:
  • Do the activities in this web. Click here. Write two sentences of each exercise in the notebook.
  • More activities for you to do: 1 ( a quiz), 2 ( a vocabulary game), 3 ( a quiz to practise with comparatives), 4 ( another quiz to remember comparatives and superlatives.)
And a game to finish. Click here (prepositions football game) to relax.
That's all for today. See you next day.

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