dissabte, 19 de febrer de 2011

3rd G Wedn. 23rd Feb/ 3rd F Thursday 24th Feb. 2011

Today we will do varied activities to practise unit 4. First click here ( do as many activities as you need of unit 4, level 3rd eso, Minimum two activities of each content ). Write at least one sentence of each exercise and one comment of each of the contents in your notebook.

Next, do these activities: 1, ( make or do)
2 ( irregular verbs crossword)

Some activities for you to enjoy
: 1 ( caligraphy, discover how your name is written in different languages), 2 ( sport games), 3 ( a test on dinosaurs. Choose a level), 4 ( wordshake, how many words can you do in the time given? ), 5 ( Nessie game)

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