dissabte, 26 de febrer de 2011

pdi session unit 5. 1st B/1st D March 2011

Today we'll work with unit 5 contents.

Let's start with vocabulary. Click here and see.
Next, write at least five names of the buildings of the picture in your notebook and translate them into Catalan or Spanish.

We'll work now the different contents of UNIT 5 together. Click here.
(1stD, Tuesday 21st March.)
CONTINUE WITH THESE. Explanation use of `some' and `any'. Click here.
Check some/any. A test.

Directions. Vocabulary. Click here. (write the main expressions in your notebook)

A video for you to have a look. Click here.

A game to finish. Click here.

What about another game now? Click here (test about famous families)

I hope you had a nice time. See you next day.

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