divendres, 25 de març de 2011

3rd G Wedn 30th March/ 3rd F Thu 31st March 2011

Today we'll check first some contents of unit 5 and then we'll start with unit 6 contents.
Grammar revision unit 5: 1 (comparatives/ copy the exercise in your notebook), 2 (comparatives and superlatives together), 3 ( a 5 questions test),
4 ( Giving directions), 5 ( copy the text and the map in your notebook. Directions), 6 ( too or enough exercise), 7 ( too/enough exercise)

Unit 6: Explanation of present perfect. Click here ( copy the uses and one example of each use in your notebook. Form: have/has + past participle, next do the exercise on-line).

Are you tired now?

So, time to do a quiz. It will take you 10 minutes and it's quite interesting. SENSES CHALLENGE.Click here.

A game to finish. Click here. ( The letter game).

That's all for today. See you next week.

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