dilluns, 11 d’abril de 2011

PDI session 1st B Fri 15th / 1st D Tue 19th April 2011

Let's check plurals now.First, we'll check the rules and do some activities. Click here and practise. Click here for another one.
Another one now. Click here. (which is the name of the object in the picture? What is its plural form?). Another similar exercise to practise vocabulary. Click here.


REVISION EXERCISES: 1 (places voc.), 2 ( present simple), 3 ( present simple or present continuous).

LISTENINGS: 1 ( practise your English with the robot Kate. Ask her some questions and she will answer you), 2 (listen to Harry and Fiona and answer the questions orally)
GAMES: 1 ( prepositions of place), 2 (plurals game).

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