dilluns, 23 de maig de 2011

3rd G Wed. 25th May/ 3rd F Thu 26th May

First, finish the activities you couldn't do last time. Click here.

TODAY we'll start with the ORAL EXAMS , so pay attention and don't disturb your classmates, please.

We are finishing this course and I think you need to check the contents of the course to prepare yourselves for the final exam, that will be quite complete.

REVISION for the exam: 1 ( this web contains many useful grammar and vocabulary exercises, so practise them. Take notes in your notebook. ( one comment or one sentence of each exercise )

More revision activities to do on-line: 1 (choose the contents you need to check)

You can also do exercises on grammar extension ( unit 7 ) in this web.

Any time left, game and CINEMA activities:

  • 1 ( past participles crossword),
  • 2 ( movie trailers listening exercises),
  • 3 (series with exercises and projects to do).
That's all for today. See you next week. Enjoy the session.

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