dissabte, 7 de maig de 2011

3rd F Thu 12th May 2011

Today we'll practise present perfect With `Already, yet, since, for, just´ and we'll check some contents by means of games.

To start with, grammar with present perfect exercises: 1 ( write the explanation in your notebook and copy one sentence of each use. Do the exercise on -line), 2 ( present perfect or past simple? copy in your notebook the mistakes you do), 3,

More exercises with present perfect: 4 ( read the examples and then do the exercise `check your understanding´. For/since ), 5 (explanation of yet/already with prest. perfect and exercises on for/since)
Exercise on present perfect with yet/already: 6

Now, revision exercises by means of GAMES. Click here.

That's all for today. See you next week.

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