dissabte, 7 de maig de 2011

2nd Bachiller C, Monday 9th May 2011

  • We are in the last weeks of this course. Make an effort and good luck. Here you have a list of exercises that will be useful for you before the exam. Ask the teacher for any doubt. Concentrate and do your best.

  • Links for you to check grammar: 1 (rewriting conditionals), 2 (rewriting conditionals, mixed), 3 (relative clauses), 4 (relative clauses again), 5 ( verbal tenses), 6 (gerund or infinitive?), 7 ( gerund or infinitive?), 8 ( reported speech), 9 (passive to active), 10 ( I wish/ If only with quite good explanations and an exercise to practise. Do it), 11 (have/get something done).
  • A USEFUL LINK NOW: Click here.
  • This is the web of our student's book. Click here.
I hope you have had time to practise a lot. Good luck in your exams.

Have a nice week. See you in class!

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