dijous, 27 de març de 2014

4th Diversificació, Friday 28th March 2014

Let's start with the new contents today.:
But first, let's check reading comprehension.Copy the questions and answers- comprehension-  in a paper that the teacher will give to you. Write your name too. The teacher will collect the papers with the activity done to be marked.

  • Click here. (complete the text selecting the right word and then answer these questions about the text in your notebook.Copy the questions and the answers.USE LONG ANSWERS .)

  1. Where does Julita live?
  2. What's her husband's name? What does he do?
  3. What is she studying now? What does she want to do when she finishes the course?
  4. What nationality is she?
  5. How many children have they got?
  6. How old is her little daughter?
  7. Do they live in a flat or in a house?
  8. Have they got any pet animals? Which ones?
  9. Where did they get their dog from?
  10. When did they come to the UK?

  • Click here (listening activity)
  • Click here. Write the new weather words and the mistakes in your notebook.

  • Click here . Copy the uses  of WILL and one example of each use in the notebook.
  • Click here      and     here   for practice. In the horoscope predictions, copy in your notebook your horoscope prediction and translate it into Spanish or Catalan.

Click here (sports matching game)
Click here (memory on outdoor activities)
Click here (weather maze listening game)


Do these activities. Escriu al quadern les paraules noves:
  • Click here (weather vocabulary)
  • Click here (months and seasons)
  • Click here (weather and seasons)
  • Click here (fes els darrers quatre exercicis al full que et donarà la professora i després li entregues. Tendrà nota)
Si vos sobra temps podeu fer els GAMES que he posat al vostre grup.

Have a nice weekend.

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