dimecres, 2 d’abril de 2014

4th Diversificacio, Friday 4th April 2014

Hi, class. First, today, you have to finish last week activities if you couldn't finish them. Click here

Now, continue with these exercises.
  • Click here(tasks to do:answer the questions. Do your personal profile about you)
  • First of all, you have to check  reading and writing, so click here, take the model and do a similar model about you ( 1st paragraph of the profile). Answer also these questions. The teacher will give you a paper to do the activity. copy the questions and answers and write your profile.

  • Who does she live with?
  • Does she play any musical instrument?
  • What did she choose last year but she hated it? 
  • What did she change to?
  • Are her classmates friendly and nice or rude?
  • What happened to her at the beginning of the first year?
  • What is bad about her school?
  • What is the school like? ( cóm és l'escola?)
 Now, you can do these activities on-line.
  • Click here (going to for intentions/resolutions)
Click here (going to, exercises with pictures)

Click here (will or going to?. Copy the uses and one example of each use in your notebook. Then, practise with the exercises)

  • Click here (check possessive adjectives)
Click here (game spin off/low level)  or here (game spin off/standard level). Play against another person. Tell the teacher the result.

  • Click here (completeu el qüestionari i després passeu-lo a un full i entregau-ho a la professora)
  • Click here (nationalities and countries revision)
  • Click here and answer these questions in the paper: (exercici per fer al full)

  • What colours has the French flag?
  •  What colours has  the Greek flag?                                                                 
  •  Is the Mexican flag green and red?
    •  What flag has got 40 little stars in it? What do these stars represent?
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • Click here,    here,  here     and   here. Copy 6 new words referred to transport in your notebook.
    • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • VALERIA AND MIQUEL. Click here (checking the family vocabulary)
  • Click here (ordena les paraules de les frases)
  • Click here (complete the text with the words -listen to them. Copy it in your notebook)

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