diumenge, 27 d’abril de 2014

2nd Eso D, Tuesday 29th April 2014

Today, you are going to do the following activities, only if you have finished the activities of the last day, if not, finish them before doing these ones.


  • Grammar. Click here (past simple quiz, write the result in your notebook)
         TREASURE HUNT                   Click here (web Madame Tussaud's museum). 
  • Copy and answer these questions about the museum in a paper the teacher will give you. it will be marked.(copiar-ho al full i entregar-ho. Tendrà nota)

a) How much does an adult ticket cost in London? Is the price the same in Berlin?

b) In which places in Asia can you find Madame Tussauds exhibitions?

c) Name two pop stars, two actors /actresses and two sports stars you can see in London. Write at least three facts about their lives. Do you like them? 

d) Go to this link  and answer the questions.

1. Did Madame Tussaud teach art to any member of the Royalty? Who and When?
2. When did Madame Tussauds' exhibition establish a permanent base in London?

e) Do you think the wax figures seem real people? Have you ever been in a wax museum? Did you like it?

Games and other activities.
  • Click here (opposites,  adjectives)
  • Click here (match beginnings and endings of sentences to make sense)

That's all for today.

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