dilluns, 3 de març de 2014

2nd Eso C/D Tue 4th and Fri 7th March 2014

IMPORTANT: those who have not finished the previous activities do them today. In the notebooks corrected I have written if you have some activities missing or not.

LEONARDO, click here

The others who finished everything do these activities and please, don't disturb your classmates and teacher. Remember that today we have to continue with the oral exams (2nd day for 2nD- 1st day for 2nd C)

Grammar activities:
  • Past continuous. Explanation first, exercises next click here. Write in the notebook the 3 uses of past continuous, 5 sentences of the last exercise and 4 questions and answers of the exercise on Questions with interrogatives.Do one of the TESTS nd write the score in your notebook.
  • Sentences about holidays. Choose the right word to complete the sentences.Click here
  • Verbs + prepositions -movement. Click here. Read the examples, write the meaning of the prepositions in your notebook and do the exercise clicking on prepositions exercises.
  • Let's check the prepositions of time that give you some problems. Click here (explanation+exercises. Take notes in your notebook)
Any time left, do this game. Click here (memory, verbs that indicate movement)  or here (hangman- choose the topic)

That's all for today, see you next week.

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