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4th Diversificació, Friday 21st Feb. 2014/7th March 2014

First, finish the activities you couldn't finish last week. Click here

Next, do these activities. Follow the instructions:
  • Click here (write the sentences in your notebook without the mistakes shown.)
  • Click here (question words, revision. Do it on-line)
  • Click here. Reading on-line. David Beckham.
  • Click here (regular verbs, affirmative form-past simple)
  • Click here (regular verbs, affirmative form, past simple)
  • Click here (revision- possessive adjectives)
  • Click here (opposites game)
  • Click here (a listening- a text)
  1. Board games on jobs and places. Click here
  2. Click here. Fling the teacher game.
That's all for today. See you next week.

7th March.
ABANS de començar amb aquestes activitats comprova que no et falti res al quadern de les dues sessions anteriors. Demana a la professora si pots fer ja aquestes activitats o en tens de pendents.

Miquel Serra i Valeria

  • . Click here (units, grammar and vocabulary)  and here (hobbies).              
  • Click here (body parts quiz-JAVA required)
  • Click here for a travel game-matching words and images.

  • Click here. Unit on PAST SIMPLE. Fes on-line les activitats. Aquestes tres, però, fes-les al quadern: Find the mistake( 1a pantalla que surt)/   Order the words ( 2a pantalla que surt) i, a la darrera pantalla, tendras  una postal-reading. Escriu aquestes preguntes i contesta-les al quadern llegint la postal.Mostra-ho a la professora en acabar 
  • a) Find The mistake exercise(1st screen)
  •   b) Practice . Order the words in the sentences (2nd screen)
      c) Postcard. Reading.(3rd screen) Copy and answer these questions in your notebook.
         1. Who is writing the postcard?
         2. Who is receiving it?
         3. What's Marie's address?
         4. Where is Marge at the moment?
         5. What did the children do on the first day of the cruise?
        6. What did she see?
        7. What is the food like?
        8. Where did they eat last night?
        9. What size is the pool?
       10. Where does Marie live?
  • A vocabulary activity now. Click here (verbs that indicate movement/memory)
  • Another vocabulary activity. Click here (hobbies)
Any time left, do these games.
  • Click here (betting game)
  • Click here (ordering words)
That's all for today. See you next week.

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