diumenge, 16 de febrer de 2014

2nd eso C -D, 18th and 21st February 2014

First, finish the activities you couldn't do last week. Click here to do it.

A revision activity now. Present simple, present continuous and past simple. Do it on-line and write the result in the notebook. Click here

A text that is also a listening. Click here, or here. Write the score in your notebook.

If you finished everything, click here. Follow the instructions in this link.
1. Do all the exercises of this unit. Do the following ones in the notebook:
  a) Find the mistake exercise(1st screen)
  b) Practice . Order the words in the sentences (2nd screen)
  c) Postcard. Reading. Copy and answer these questions in your notebook.
     1. Who is writing the pòstcard?
     2. Who is receiving it?
     3. What's Marie's address?
     4. Where is Marge at the moment?
     5. What did the children do on the first day of the cruise?
    6. What did she see?
    7. What is the food like?
    8. Where did they eat last night?
    9. What size is the pool?
   10. Where does Marie live?

When you finish, show it to the teacher.

Now, try to do this crossword. Click here

Any time left, A revision activity now. Click here (items at home/verbs for housework)-
                                        Click here (rooms in a house, furniture)

That's all for today. See you next week.

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