dimecres, 5 de febrer de 2014

4th Diversificacio, Friday 7th /14th February.

First of all, if you didn't finish the last session exercises, click here to finish.

Next, do these revision exercises.
Attention:Some  exercises must be done in the paper that the teacher will give to you. They will be marked. :
  • Grammar.
Present simple or present continuous. Click here ( do the exercise on questions and the last exercise in your notebook.
Some/any. Click here
Questions--answers. Click here
Past simple was/were. Click here

Reading. Click here. Do it online and then write a similar paragraph about YOUR SATURDAY. Give it to the teacher to be marked.
Look at the  video. Answer  these questions in the paper. Click here
  1.  Who robs the eggs? 
  2. What do the angry birds do to recover the eggs?
  • Opposites game. Click here
  • Directions. Click here. Write the dialogue IN THE PAPER.
  • Feelings. Click here

Games. Click here. (spin off game)
                  Click here (face match. Descriptions)

14th February. 

. Reading. Click here. Exercises 3 and 3.1 IN THE PAPER.

Today it's Saint Valentine's day. Here you have some activities about the topic.
  • Click here ( a basic quiz)
  • Click here  ( a six questions quiz)
  • Click here (do the vocabulary part, 1st exercise)
  • Click here. A reading comprehension. Write in your notebook the vocabulary words translated and the questions and answers about the reading.
  • Click here ( a love story on screen, Titanic. Song and scenes)

That's all. Don't remember to give me the paper with the task. Have a nice weekend.

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