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Mòduls voluntaris. Friday 21st Feb 2014/7th March 2014

First of all, please, finish the tasks that you didn't do last week.Give the tasks in the paper to the teacher. Click here.
21st February 
Next, do these tasks on-line.

  • Click here (adjectives-opposites)
  • Click here (adjectives-opposites)
  • Click here (vocabulary test )
  • Click here (hangman/clothes)
  • Click here. IN YOUR NOTEBOOK. Read the words and translate these ones: swimming trunks, knickers, bra, gloves, slippers, bracelet, headscarf. Answer these questions about the dialogue
  1.    What day is it when they go shopping?
  2.   Who goes shopping?
  3.  What size does she want?
  4. What colour does the shop assistant offer to her?
  5. Does she try it on?                

   To finish, a game. Click here (clothes. Form the words - balloon burst)
               Another game. Click here. Match the kit game.

That's all for today. See you next week.

7th March. Tasks to do.

  • Click here for vocabulary. Food. Click here  and here (matching games)
  • Click here(breakfast food)   and  here (some vegetables names)
  • Click here (which of the food items are healthy ? Write 8 of them in your notebook)
Click here. Do the exercise and translate these words in your notebook. Write the words in English and the translation in Spanish or Catalan: buns, doughnut, loaf of bread, toast, muffin, jam, cocoa, honey, milkshake, tart, creme caramel.

A reading now. Click here (Test on food. Write the score- puntuació-  in your notebook.)

Just for fun,two games now:

  • Game. Hangman on fruits: click here

  • Game . A fruit salad. Click here

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