dijous, 22 de maig de 2014

MV Friday 23rd MAy 2014

. First, do the activities you didn't do last weeks because you studied for your exams. Click here (s'ha d'entregar la tasca del personatge de la pel.lícula.)

  • what your name means. Write the meaning of your name in your notebook. Are you curious about the meaning of your name? so click here.
  • What your birthdate means. Click here
  • write your names in different exotic languages. Which result did you prefer? Click here.
  • Choose a song and do the activities. Write in your notebook the title of the song, the singer and what the song expresses. Click here.
  • Worst movies scenes ever. Just for fun. Click here
  • One web that received a prize because of its originality. Click here
That's all for today. See you next week!

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