dimarts, 27 de maig de 2014

2nC Fri 30th May/2nD Tuesday 3rd June

Let's check for next exam:
the vocabulary in the exam will be the vocabulary of units 5 and 6, basically (time expressions, adjectives for animals, personality adjectives and words related to sport-unit 7)

Grammar revision:
  • unit 5. Comparatives and superlatives. Click here   and  here
  • unit 6. Click here (uses of will), click also here   and   here.
  •            1st conditional. Click here    and      here

  • unit 7. GOING TO. Click here,     here    and  here.
  •            Going to or will. Click here ,    here. Copy the uses of wil /going to and one example of each use.

Checking general grammar.
  • click here (word order advanced level of the class)
  • click here (word order elementary level)
  • Click here (questions. exercises a-advanced; exercises b and c, elementary)
  • Click here (question wh- words)
  • Click here (object, subject pronouns and possessive adjectives)
Reading and writing. 
  • going to/will. Click here . Answer the questions in your notebook.
  • future predictions. Click here

That's all for today. See you in the exam.

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