dijous, 22 de maig de 2014

2nd C, Friday 23rd May 2014

Let's practise with unit 6 contents today.

  1. Will/won't. click here,    here,    here,      here,     and here (copy in the notebook 1 sentence of each exercise.
  2. 1st Conditional sentences. Click here,   here. Copy in the notebook two sentences of each exercise.
  3. Quantitative pronouns. Click here (theory + practice. Copy the mistakes.

Reading comprehension.
  1. Numerology, what your name means. Copy the meaning of your name and your personality traits in your notebook. Click here
  2. Horoscope. Look for your horoscope prediction. Write in your notebook one of the predictions about it. Click here (year prediction)    or here(daily prediction)
  1. Change your name into different languages. Click here . Did you like the result?
  2. The worst scenes ever seen. Movies scenes. Click here  and  here
  3. Jim Carrey's web. It received a prize because of i ts originality. Get impressed! Click here

Now, do the survey about Alcudia that the teacher will give you.

That's all for today. See you next Monday in class!

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