dijous, 22 de maig de 2014

4t diversificacio 23rd May 2014

First of all, finish the activities you couldn't do last week. Click here

Now, do these activities:

1) Grammar revision of the year contents. Mistakes you usually do, so let's check it.
  • Click here (copy the mistakes in your notebook. Present simple or continuous?
  • Click here,    here (be or have got? copy the mistakes in your notebook.)
  • Click here (possessive adjectives quiz. Do it online)
  • Click here. Order the words exercise. Mixed tenses. Copy two sentences in your notebook and translate them.

2) Vocabulary.
  • Click here  (odd one out, categories)
  • Click here. Adjectives, opposites)
  • Click here (hangman, numbers)

3) Reading. Curiosities.
  • A web that received a prize because of its originality. Jim Carrey. Click here
  • Click here   or here  for your horoscope prediction of the day. 
  • Numerology, what your name means. Click here  and discover the secrets hidden in your name.
  • Click here to write your name using the Egiptian language. Click here. Do you like the result? Change your name into other languages. Click here
  • Some terrible scenes of films. Click here
  • A game. Click here

That's all for today. See you next week!

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