dimecres, 2 de novembre de 2016

4thA unit 2


  • Vocabulary related to ads and advertisement. Click here  and   here (vocabulary and exercises)
  • Some exercises. Click here    and   here (a multiple choice test. Try it.)
  • Some known ads. Click here (very creative videos- 30 top TV commercials)
  • Some interesting campaigns. Click here (storytelling on advertising-7 examples)           Click here (11 examples)    or here (more examples)

  1. Checking quantifiers. Click here (explanations are quite clear) and do this exercise here. Click here too
  2. Past simple or past perfect. Click here   and     here
  1. Click here (text on advertising with 5 questions on it)
  1. Click here (read and guess the right company for these slogans) and   here (can you pick the brand names for these slogans?)
  2. The Egyptians had created a writing system with heiroglyphs. Do you want to see your name written in an Egyptian way? Click here.
  3. Shopping vocabulary quiz. Try it. Click here
  4. Another fun activity on shopping vocabulary. Click here (a test on shopping-clothes store)
  5. Images matching words game. Shopping vocabulary. Click here 

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