dimarts, 22 de setembre de 2009

1st eso C/ Wednesday 23rd September 09

Welcome again. This is our second week in the computering room. Be ready to follow the instructions and ask the teacher for any doubt. First, you are going to do the following exercises of the web `www.iesramonllull.net ´ and copy at least one sentence of each exercise in your notebook. Go to the 1st eso level, introduction unit and do these ones: verb to be (exercises 2,3,4,5,6,7); this, that, these,those (exercises 1,2,4,5,6) ; a/an (exercises 1,2,5,6) and telling the time (exercises 1,2,4,7).
Now, it's time to do some funny activities like this one (numbers) or this memory game(matching, animals) or this other one(make your monster) . You can finish with this game (mosquito swat) to relax now.
See you next week!

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