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Split lesson 2nd F/2nd G Eso, Thursd./Fri 1st and 2nd October 2009

Welcome again to a new session. Today, we are going to follow with activities related to checking 1st Eso contents and other exercises of the first unit. Remember to use your notebook for the activities marked in green.
First of all, we'll remember the use of have got in the three forms.(Copy the sentences in your notebook). Continue with this one(write the translations in your notebook too).
Now, it's time to start with present simple. Another one on present, 3rd person. Another one on the form. And we'll remember the rules for he,she(copy the rules in your notebook and an example of each case).
It's time to check reading comprehension(it's a listening exercise but it is possible to do it without listening to it. But, if you have headphones use them).
Now, we'll check vocabulary as in this one on verbs (try to guess the verbs before clicking on the answer. Write a list of ten of these verbs.
Time to check questions(read the story ) and then do the exercise (write your score in the notebook.)
It's time to do some funny activities. A bit of mystery now.
And a puzzle(hangman about music vocabulary). Have a look at this video (You tube.Song `so hot´by The Wonder Girls). Listen to it and write the name of 4 adjectives mentioned in the video and 4 verbs in present simple.

To finish do this vocabulary listening matching game.
Any time left, do this game.
That's all for all folks. See you next week.


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