dissabte, 26 de setembre de 2009

1st C Wednesday 30th September 09

It's time to practise again. So, be ready to think and enjoy the session. Instructions in green when you need your notebook. (les instruccions en verd indiquen el que has d'escriure al quadern.
First, we'll check the verb to be again. Now, do this matching exercise(copy the questions and their matching answers in your notebook).Continue with this exercise on numbers (crossword. Copy the right numbers in your notebook) and this other listening activity ( you need your headphones). Follow remembering months(copy the names of the months in your notebook) and do this activity on the months in English(hangman).
Now, we'll do an exercise on `have got´ and yet another one. Copy in your notebook at least one sentence of each exercise of `have got´.
To continue, try to fill in the gaps of this text.
Now, we'll check times.
And another one on clocks.

It´s time to do some funny activities. Start with this one on the time and this other one.
Continue with this one on aliens. And yet another one on descriptions and this one on personal information(listening game. Use your headphones.)
T'ha agradat la sessió. Si vols fer algun comentari estàs autoritzat.

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