dimarts, 22 de setembre de 2009

2nd F/2nd G Eso. Thursday 24th/Friday 25th September 09

Welcome to your first lesson using my blog. I'm going to give you some links to do some tasks, adding instructions when necessary. Ask the teacher if you have any doubts.

We are going to check some contents of the first unit and basic contents of 1st Eso.
First, we'll check ordinal numbers and `there is/are´. We'll continue with the verb to be in present. Now, we'll move to the verb have got ( copy the sentences in your notebook).
We'll continue with family vocabulary.
It's time to check the parts of the body.
We'll continue with descriptions( copy the opposites in your notebook and words referred to descriptions of people. Do the first three exercises:1,2,3)
And now is time to do some funny activities like this one(game on adjectives), or this memory game.
To finish, listen to this and complete the dialogue.
I hope you have learnt a lot. See you next week. Write any comment if you want.

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