dilluns, 28 de setembre de 2009

Tuesday 29th September. 2nd batx. B

Today we are going to check the different verbal tenses on line. Most of you will work in pairs, so take turns to click on the answers. Follow the instructions and try to do your best. Copy in your notebook what you need to remember for your exam.
First, we'll check present tenses.
If you have guessed most of the answers, try to find the mistakes in these questions . Ask for your doubts about the mistakes you've done.Next, we'll check past tenses (past simple and past continuous)and now some tenses together. (Write on the notebook the mistakes you did ).
We continue with perfect tenses and another one on this (present perfect, past simple, past perfect). We'll have a look at the future.
Now, try to do this test on tenses.
and this varied test.
The time left, choose any exercises in this web to practise what you need.
To finish, here's is a funny activity
or choose this one if you prefer.
Have a nice session.

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