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4th B. Split lesson 28th September 09

Welcome to my blog. This is our third session this course but the first one using the blog. Follow the instructions and click on the links to do the tasks. Ask the teacher for any doubt. Have a nice session. Pay attention to the instructions in green, that indicate you what to write in your notebook.
First, we'll start with present simple .We'll continue with the two present tenses together, this other one on present tenses( copy on your notebook three examples of each present tense).
Now, it's time to check verbs. We continue with past tense and yet another one on past .To follow we'll check wh- questions (copy the questions in your notebook) .
We continue wit an easy crossword of verbs
and a game . Now, it's time to do other funny activities, so to end, have a look at this. Follow the instructions. Did you like it?
To finish a game to relax (choose Pitch invasion).
Any time left, do this activity
See you next week.Have a nice week. If you have any comment to do, write it. Suggestions are opinions are welcome.

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