dilluns, 4 d’octubre de 2010

3rd F/3rd G Thursday 7th October 2010

First of all, finish the activities you had to do last week.

Next, do these ones in the order they are:

Grammar: 1 ( copy in the notebook the uses of present simple in English with an example of each and do the present simple quiz on line), 2 ( write in your notebook two of the questions in the video), 3 ( ing forms of the verbs), 4 (present continuous verb forms), 5 ( can/can't), 6 ( english test.)
  • 1 ( copy in your notebook the equipment you need for 4 sports, then, do the practice)
  • 2,
  • 3
  • 4 ( memory),
  • 5 (clothes)
Games and other activities:
  • 3 (matching on descriptions)
  • 4 (easy crossword)
  • 5 ( an English star)
  • To finish, a video for you to watch. Did you understand it?

That's all for today. See you next week.

  • Solange and Delia: do these exercises:
Grammar: 1 ( test), 2, 3 ( assorted questions), 4 ( write a paragraph explaining your opinion and answering the question of the title)
Reading: Look at this video

Write a summary in four lines about what happens in it. Do you recognize it?

Now,do the same games and vocabulary exercises as the others.
Have a nice session.

For everybody:pay attention to your homework for next week:

Homework: print this wordsearch and do it at home. Give it to the teacher next week.
That's all for today, folks. See you next week.

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