dissabte, 23 d’octubre de 2010

3rd G 27th /3rd F 28th October 2010

In this session we are going to do different activities. Some of you, first, have to finish the mini project on animals. Today it is your last day.
The others, can start with these activities that introduce unit 2 contents, as it is a revision of contents seen in 2nd of eso.

Past simple exercises
Web link for pen pals: If you want to send your mail to contact a penpal, click here.

Halloween activities now:

  • 1 (Halloween recipes for you to have a look)
  • 2 (pay attention to these words. You'll need them in exercise 3)
  • 3 (crossword)
  • 4 (Halloween goes commercial. Write a comment about the video in your notebook)
  • 5 (Halloween). Look at the video and answer these questions: 1. When was Halloween first celebrated and who celebrated it? 2. What does All Hollows Eve mean? 3. When do dances and tricks start to appear and where? 4. Why did the Celts decorate their houses with horrifying things and objects? .
  • 6 Now, you have the story in English.
  • 7. Time for a funny video(part of a well-known film). Have a look at this one.
  • 8. And of course, you can't miss this song and video. It has received many prizes and considered one of the best songs in the history of music. Did you like it?
That's all for this week. See you next week. I suppose you have enjoyed the session.

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