divendres, 22 d’octubre de 2010

2nd Batxiller C. Monday 25th October 2010

To start with, here you've got some exercises to check contents for your exam:

Verbal tenses: 1 ( write in a paper the right verbal tenses for each gap and then look at the key. How many mistakes did you have? Do you understand why you made the mistakes? Comment it to your teacher if you have doubts.), 2 (any verbal tense), 3 ( past simple, past continuous or present perfect), 4 ( future tenses), 5 (verb tenses quiz).

: 1, 2

Order of words: 1, 2 (word order/exercise 3 in your notebook), 3 ( indirect questions)

Vocabulary: 1 ( pay attention to this explanation and exercise. Copy in your notebook the order of the different kinds of adjectives before a noun and do the practice), 2 ( adjectives used to describe places), 3 (personality adjectives quiz)

Listening a conversation : 1 (comprehension questions)

Linking words: 1, 2

Any time left, the teacher will give you the user's password to go to the webpage of the textbook if you want to practise with more exercises or you can follow with phonetics clicking here.
See you next day in class.

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