dilluns, 1 de novembre de 2010

3rG/3rF Wednesday 3rd/Thursday 4th November 2010

Welcome to a new session. Today we are going to do different exercises and activities.

Grammar: 1 ( negative form past simple), 2 (affirmative form), 3 (choose 5 or 6 of these exercises on regular and irregular verbs. Write your results in your notebook),

Treasure hunt: click here and select one of these treasure hunts:
- The Beatles
- The Simpsons
-Eminem's biography
Write the answers in a piece of paper and give it to the teacher at the end of the session to be marked.

  • Click here , here or here to create a wacky web tale. Copy it in an open office document adding two pictures and a personal comment. Give it to the teacher next week.
  • crossword ( irregular past verbs)
  • games: 1 (memory), 2 (speedword), 3 ( what about geography?. Try this game), 4 ( concentration game), 5 ( quiz on aliens. At least you should guess 3).
That's all for today. See you next week.

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