dimarts, 9 de novembre de 2010

3rd F/3rdG wednesday and Thursday 10th/11th nov.

  • First of all, finish the activities you didn't do last week. You must do the treasure hunt activities in a paper and give it to the teacher at the end of the class. It will have a mark, so try to do it well.Click here to go to the last session.
  • When you finish click here and practise exercises of the contents in unit 2 on-line. Select the level of 3rd of eso and Extension/extra help. If you want to do a game, click on the unit number. Write down in your notebook the score of the different exercises you do and any comment you want to do.
  • In Unit 2 you have an interesting reading about Bethany Hamilton. Answer these questions about her in the paper .
  • Questions: 1. When and where was she born?
  • 2. What did her parents do?
  • 3. When did she win her first surfing contest?
  • 4. What happened in October 2003?
  • 5. Who will be the characters in the film based on her life this year?
  • You can search information in two websites: click here
  • Find the information here .
  • You can have a look at videos about her clicking here.
  • This video is also impressive:

That's all for today. See you next week.

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