dijous, 11 de novembre de 2010

1stD Friday 12th November 2010

First of all, you must do and finish your mini-project today. Click here to see the models.

Next, have a look at this video. You have to write in the little notebook eight of the verbs that appear in the video and three sentences translated( escriu en el quadernet 8 verbs que surten al video i tres frases traduides al castellà o català)

Another video for you to watch if you prefer this one.

Time to practise on-line exercises: In the exercises, mark your score (puntuació) in the little notebook)
  • Personal pronouns and possessive adjectives: 1, 2, 3 ( this,that...)
  • Present simple affirmative form: 1, 2
  • Personal information: 1 ( Listening. Complete the dialogue)
  • Games activities: 1 (months crossword. Before=abans/after= després), 2 ( days of the week hangman), 3 ( Take that , teacher).
That's all for today. See you next week.

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