dissabte, 20 de novembre de 2010

Wednesday 27th nov 3rG/ Thursday 28th Nov 3rF

Today you must pay attention to the oral exam if you have to do it.You have also to use your notebook for some of today's activities. Concentrate on the activities and don't disturb your classmates, please:

Instructions for today: First, I advise you to check the previous weeks' on-line lessons to complete your notebook with the activities of the blog you are supposed to have done in your notebook. Today is the last day to give the notebook to the teacher.
These are the links to the previous lessons in the blog. Click them and check if you need to complete something in your notebook: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

And now these are the activities for today.
Grammar: 1 ( do one of the test at the end of the page. Number 3 is the most difficult, that's good for Solange and Delia), 2,
3 (exercise to practise object pronouns), 4 ( write the text correctly in your notebook)

Grammar exercises for Solange and Delia: 1 (quiz on irregular verbs. It's quite complete), 2 ( super quiz), 3 (a challenge for you! an original crossword. Try to do it!)

Reading comprehension: 1 ( answer the questions in your notebook. Write the date),
2 (complete the text with the words given. You can listen to the text with your headphones)

Videos activities: 1 ( song by Celine Dion. Copy in your notebook four lines of the song that you like and translate them. Copy also six past forms of irregular verbs and write the three forms of the verbs and the meaning into Spanish or Catalan)

2. Look at one of these Mr Bean's stories. Choose the one you prefer. Write two lines in your notebook explaining what happened in the story and if you liked it or not. Click here

1 ( you must play this game with a partner), 2 ( an easy crossword for you to do),

3 ( a silly but motivating game for you: Take that teacher. Try it.)

That's the last blog session of this evaluation. Good luck with your exams.
See you next week.

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