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2nd Bachiller C, Monday 22nd November 2010

First of all, I ask you to finish with the activities you didn't do last week because you had many options and different activities to do. So, click here.
To remember the pronuntiation of the sounds in English click here (these are the examples of the copy I gave to you.
A quiz online now ( odd one out). Try it.

Next, I'm going to give you different activities and some tips and strategies for your writing.

  • Grammar: ( too and enough). Do this exercise on-line: 1 Now try to do this rewriting exercise as the example given: eg. He isn't old enough to go to the disco= he is too young to go to the disco. Do the same with these sentences. Rewrite them with ' enough´ or 'too'. Write them in your notebook:
a) The weather is too bad to go out. b) The test was too difficult for the students to do .
c) He wasn't tall enough to reach the top shelf. d) The coffee was too hot to drink.

Some more varied grammar exercises: Try a test now. Click here.
And yet another test to do on conditionals. Click here
An exercise with ' I WISH ' sentences now. Click here. Another one for you to practise. Click here.

Vocabulary : 1 ( Do or Make?), 2 (relationships verbs and expressions),
3 ( words often confused),
4 ( crime and punishment vocabulary)
5 (personality adjectives crossword)

  • Writing: tips for doing a good composition. Please, read them carefully and take notes in your workbook if you consider it. Click here
  • Now this is a text with exercises you can do on line. Try it. For you to practise now or at home before next Monday. Click here.

That's all for today. I think this is a very complete lesson .

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