dimarts, 1 de juny de 2010

2n F Thursday 3rd June 2010

This is our last computer lesson this year. You have the exam next Monday, so we are going to check some contents in the exam.
  • First, you have to finish the activities you didn't do last week because the oral exam took some time. So, click here. If you want to help, do the last activity and poor people in third world countries will receive some rice.

  • Next, we are going to do different exercises of the last units. Click in the numbers: 1 ( do the exercises on the future simple), 2 ( reading comprehension and use of going to. You can do an invitation to a party too and give it to me as an extra essay. With the open office programme you can look for a nice picture for the invitation. Keep it and send it to my email:mbbarcelo@iesmarratxi.org)

  • To continue, practise with the exercises in this web ( unit 8. Extension/extra help). Going to, must and mustn't. Vocabulary of places to go and food)

  • To finish, do one or some of these games if you want, depending on your tastes and interests: 1

That's all for today and for this course. Good luck with your last exams and see you on Monday in the exam. Do your best and you'll enjoy a good summer.

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