dimecres, 26 de maig de 2010

2nd F/G Thursday 27th and Friday 28th May 2010

Today we'll continue with the oral exams, so pay attention to the teacher if she calls you and do your best.

We are going to practise for the exam. Do this activity in your notebook:
  • Write the correct verbal tense in these sentences : present simple or continuous, past simple or continuous.

a) ( he like) ___ football?- Yes, he does

b) Mozart (be) ____ a famous musician who (live) ________ in Viena.

c) What were you doing yesterday at eight? - I (swim) ____ in my swimming pool

d) Look! That man (hit) _______ the other man there.

e) She usually (carry) ____ a heavy schoolbag at school but today she (not carry) ___ her schoolbag because she (have not) _____ got any lessons.

f) They ( not travel) ________ to London last summer, they (travel) _____ to Paris.

g) (you be) ________ at home yesterday night?- Yes, of course.

h) We (sometimes be) ___________ tired in the evenings.

i ) (she have got) _____________ blue eyes? - Yes, she has.

Now, continue with these activities on line: 1 ( short answers), 2 ( present simple or continuous), 3 ( past simple), 4 ( past continuous), 5 ( past simple crossword), 6 ( comparatives and superlatives), 7 ( countable or uncountable nouns), 8 ( how much/many), 9 ( object pronouns), 10 ( should/shouldn't)

Next, try to do this exercise and you'll help third World countries. Click here and follow the instructions. Do your best.

Remember if you haven't done the description of a natural place of Mallorca or of Spain, do it now. You can search information in the web.

That's all for today. Have a nice session and see you next week.

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