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4th B, Monday 24th May 2010

Hi, students. Today we are going to check some general contents for the exam and next we'll practise with passive voice and introduce the relative pronouns.

  • First, do this exercise in your notebook to take it as a model for the exam. Correct the mistakes in these sentences:

a) She has come two hours ago.

b) They have eaten already.

c) This box is biger than that one.

d) I were fourteen years old when I had my first boyfriend.

e) I'm not going do my homework tomorrow because I'm going to the beach.

f) How old will be you in the year 2020?

g) She never listen to the teacher.

h) Have your mother ever been there?

i) If I were you, I told the problem to your mother.

j) I don't be able to come with you if I don't pass this exam.

k) What did you have breakfast yesterday morning?

l) She travelled last year with her family to Italy.

m) I can't speak English, because I won´t understand this English song.

  • It's time to practise PASSIVE VOICE; you have to finish the passive activities you had in the blog session last week. Click here. If you finished the activities last week do these ones: 1 (present perfect passive), 2(future passive), 3 (mixed tenses), 4 (active or passive?), 5 ( mixed tenses).

  • It's time to do a reading comprehension on a text with passive tenses.Click here.Complete this information about three of the inventions in the reading. Do it in your notebook:

a) Inventor(name, nationality):

b) Year this object was invented:

c) What it is used for:

d) What it is made of:

e) a curious fact about this object:

Now, find in internet information about any object you are interested in or curious about and complete the information items about this object too. You can use this web if you want. Another curious web if you want to have a look is this one.

Today, you have learnt new things, don't you? See you tomorrow. Have a nice session.

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