dimecres, 26 de maig de 2010

4th eso B , Monday 31st May 2010

Today, first finish the activities you didn't do two weeks ago( click here) and last week ( click here).

When you finish this, do the following activities to practise contents of unit 8: first, have a look at the explanation and the activities in this web . Next, do these exercises on-line: 1 ( active to passive, change only the ones which are in present, will, present perfect and past simple), 2 ( do exercises of unit 8 extension/extra help. level 4th eso.)

  • Revision exercises now. Can you do this exercise without having any mistakes? Try it. Click here
  • Another one on time expressions. Click here.
  • This one is about tenses.
  • Check comparatives and superlatives now

That's all for today. See you next week.

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