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2nd F/2nd G Thursday 13th/Friday 14th May 2010

Today, we'll check some contents and then, we'll introduce new contents of unit 7. Marisol's group ( 2nd G) can finish the mini project of the parts of the house first of all. Next, they can do these activities.

To start with, we'll check some contents of previous units
  • Exercises: 1 ( present simple or continuous), 2 ( be or have got), 3 ( question words),

4 (subject/object pronouns), 5 (present continuous), 6 (comparatives and superlatives),

7 (irreg. verbs), 8 (past simple negative), 9 (questions in past simple), 10 (prep. of movement),

11 (past continuous), 12 (past simple affirmative)

  • Vocabulary: 1 (parts of the body), 2 (sports), 3 (instruments), 4 (musicians), 5 (clothes),

6 (adjectives), 7 (tv programmes), 8 (jobs), 9 (transport), 10 (objects), 11 (parts of the home), 12 (opposites).

Unit seven: 1(countable/uncountable nouns), 2 (a,an,some,any), 3 (how much/how many),

4 (much/many)

Games: Try the BIG CHALLENGE. Click here,

Now, if you want, try to do this activity (create your own comic). This is an optional activity and you can finish it next week if you want. I think it is an original activity and very motivating.

That's all for today. See you next week. There will be the oral exam next week.

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