dimarts, 14 de desembre de 2010

3rdF Thursday 16th December/3rdG Wedn 22nd Dec.2010

This is your last lesson on the computer room this year.
Remember to finish the activities you couldn't finish last week first.
Next, I want you to do these activities to practise past continuous:Past continuous exercises: 1
( do all the exercises in the page).
  • As this is your last lesson on the computers here you have some Christmas activities on-line:

  • 1 ( a five-questions Christmas quiz to start)
  • 2 ( a puzzle)
  • 3 ( memory game)
  • 4 ( easy games for you to choose 1 or 2)
  • 5 ( try a trivia on Christmas. Choose one depending on the level you have)
  • 6 (Do you like this song? Make a comment on it if you listen to it and watch the video.)
  • 7 (more games for you to choose)
And now a Christmas carol.

That's all. See you next year in the computers' room. Merry Christmas to everybody.

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