dimecres, 22 de desembre de 2010

3rd F 12th Jan./ 3rd G 13th Jan 2011

We'll start with some grammar about past tenses.

  • First, we'll check past simple vs past continuous. Try to do this exercise. Click here. Read the explanation, take notes in your notebook and do the exercise with the 25 sentences. Write five sentences in your notebook to have them as an example.
  • Next, do these exercises on-line. Write the result of the exercises in your notebook and a comment on your mistakes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • To continue, some activities on directions:
  • 1 ( copy the prepositions of location in your notebook. Translate them into Spanish or Catalan. Do the first and second practice exercisesNext go to the section of `giving directions´and do the activities there ( the mistakes activity is optional).
  • 2 (watch the video and answer these questions. Where does the man want to go? What is funny about the video?
  • 3 ( click on asking and giving directions full screen and do the activities there).
And now, some short movies for you to have a look and take ideas. Click here
and here ( make a comment about this story and write your opinion too). In the next web you can have a look to summaries of the stories by Pixar studios. You will have to do something similar in your short movie, so take a look. Click here
That's all for today. See you next week.

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