diumenge, 29 d’agost de 2010

my teenies and my kiddies. 30th August 2010

Hola nins. Aquesta és la darrera classe de l'estiu,així que anem a fer activitats on-line .

For my kiddies: Toni, Angela, Jordi, Paula i Martí
Aquests personatges vos donen ànims i vos diuen hola.

Cliqueu als nombres i vos sortiran les activitats per fer: 1, (memory colours), 2 (animal pairs),
3 ( animals find), 4 ( a clown's face), 5 ( the alphabet song), 6 ( order the animals).

For my teenies, Claudia, Aina and Clara.
That's what you have to do: 1 ( vocabulary activ. on vegetables), 2 ( A letter to a friend), 3 ( tests on nouns), 4 ( body parts listening memory game), 5 ( action game), 6 ( style a hero), 7 ( a known song for you to translate with my help).

That's all for this month, folks. Have a nice week.
Two pieces of advice now: try not to be too lazy as Gardfield and don't spend so many hours on the computer or watching tv. It's very bad for your intelligence and brain.

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